Calling all Cats and Kittens!!

 This time, we’re going to fire up and peel out for the Piccadilly Bullfrogs, the heppest hep-cats in Hepdom bringing a rip-roaring set of Strollin', Jivin' and Boppin' old-school rockabilly classics!

Add barn-storming performance and hosting by Paulus, an old friend in new guise, top off with the return of DJ Kobayashi mixing up the musical eras to craft a happy-dancing vintage soundtrack for the evening, and we do believe a splendid time for all is quite assured..

….so….. …wrap up that classy chassis of yours in some head-turning threads, and expect those berries to be well and truly razzed, boys and girls…!!

Doors to the Ballroom and Magic Theatre open 8pm as usual. Tickets are £15 and available on the door and in advance at We Got Tickets.